Attributes Of A Writer – What It Takes To Write Content For Various Industries

Resourcefulness and adaptability are highly sought-after attributes in copywriters. To craft copy that communicates its intended message to the audience effectively, the writer not only needs a good grasp of industry knowledge but also the recipients of the message.

While some writers seem to have a natural flair for writing about anything, such versatility can be trained and nurtured.

Research skills

Researching to write for an industry you know little about requires patience, commitment and the curiosity of a child. Being familiar with Search Engines shortens the time needed for research and allows more time for analysis

In-line with best practices, you also should add references and citations to boost credibility when needed. Finally, to ensure the integrity of the information you researched, it is also wise to cross-check your sources to verify the truth.

However, it is possible that you could be writing about a topic or scenario that is unprecedented. In such scenarios, consulting subject matter experts and industry practitioners is advised. These professionals will help you simplify advanced concepts and add clarity to your copy.

Writing for an audience

Regardless of the industry you are writing for, the article must be readable and interesting. If the audience you’re writing for isn’t knowledgeable on the industry, then you should minimise use of technical language.

The piece must be accurate but not overwhelming to maintain the reader’s interest. Knowing when to simplify industry jargon is crucial; if it isn’t a key term, it can be simplified. If not, give a definition of it the first time you use it.

When writing about industries that are less interesting, it helps to find a story and statistics. Creative stories and facts tend to be more engaging for readers, and make the article seem less daunting. Besides that, it also helps if there is current news related to the industry. Current news is prominent and recent, and information will be easy to find.


Writing for various industries benefits not only the writer, but also the client or business they are writing for. It saves the business the time and effort of figuring out the right words and angle to deliver the right message to their target audience. Ultimately, the client can then focus on doing what they do best – running the business.

If you’re a copywriter, writing for different industries is good practice as it develops your knowledge of other industries through research. This proves your skill as a researcher, which is attractive to people looking to hire. Not having a niche also shows you are more knowledgeable and adaptable.

Thanks to the Internet, many copywriters who are proficient in research are able to work from anywhere with a data connection.


Copywriters writing for various industries must remember that their primary role is to inform and educate the audience (and themselves in the process). Though most writers will find their niche, they require the skills outlined above.

They must be able to research the various industries that they come across in their career, and be able to simplify and explain their topic to a range of audiences.

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